Spray Paint Aerosols for wood

A recent project I undertook was to create a custom turntable cabinet. I’ve always been good at woodwork so that was the easy part. The difficult part would be painting it. Or so I thought.

Spray Paint Aerosols were my choice of weapon. They give an unmatched finish on wood and the company I bought them from had specialised spray paints for wood.

Getting the right product for your project is absolutely essential, I had attempted this before and it had ended in disaster. Not this time though. I had a well made cabinet from good quality materials and I had the right paint for the job. I primed it, sprayed it and then stood back and marveled at my work! OK so it’s not a work of art but i’m really proud of it.


I did the outside black and lacquered the inside for a glossy finish. It’s quite retro but exactly what I wanted.