Make money the easy way with oddsmonkey and matched betting

Want to make some money? We all do. It’s no secret, we all crave money and we need it to live and have a good time. So what if I told you there is an easy way to make money. A really easy way?

With oddsmonkey review you can do just that! But what is matched betting? Well it’s the process of getting free bets from the bookies, mainly online, in order to profit from them.

Bookies are always offering free bets and bonuses to their punters to keep them coming back for more. “Mugs” is what the bookies call them, I know because I used to work for one. It’s a big joke behind the scenes at how they make money. You see bookies cannot lose. The maths are stacked in their favour and over time they will always make a profit. But not with matched betting. That is why I got out of such a bad industry and decided to fight back.

With matched betting you cannot lose. You simply cannot lose money with this method. There is no risk to your money. You will only win. It’s weird but trust me it works. It works by laying bets off against themselves with a betting exchange like betfair.

You ned up breaking even on your bets but then you get a free bet from the bookie for your efforts. Now we can use the free bet to guarantee ourselves a profit by laying that bet off too. Win lose or draw we are coming out with a profit.

The maths is all done for you so don’t worry about that. There are easy to use pieces of software that tell you what to bet and when so even a dummy can do this! Even if you have never placed a bet before you cannot fail to make money with this system. It’s a literal gold mine!

We encourage you to get involved now while this is still going strong to make as much money as you can. All tax free.

There are so many great things about this. You can do it at home in your spare time being the most important one. Click here to learn more.

Workwear trousers from apache and dewalt

A great tip for all work men is to get high quality workwear trousers for your day to day wear. These hard wearing garments are incredible value using the highest quality materials and produced to last the test of time and work.

Where else can you get a pair of apache workwear trousers that would stand up to a daily physical beating for less than £30.

Apache and dewalt are the two best known brands in the UK and it is with good reason. These quiet but highly profitable companies are offering a product that can’t be beaten on price or quality. Fashion items will cost a lot more and last nowhere near as long. Where is the value! We recenetly ordered some dewalt trousers from dbworkwear. They came quick and were perfect for our day to work around the shop. They are really stylish as well, you honestly wouldn’t know they were made for work sites and builders.

We love them and we think you will too. So check them out. Bit thank you to dbworkwear for embroidering our garments for us. We got our discmonger logo added at barely any extra cost. The logo will be coming to the website soon. We know it looks terrible right now but it is not our area of expertise but we do have plans for this website! Stay tuned to find out what lol.

Spray Paint Aerosols for wood

A recent project I undertook was to create a custom turntable cabinet. I’ve always been good at woodwork so that was the easy part. The difficult part would be painting it. Or so I thought.

Spray Paint Aerosols were my choice of weapon. They give an unmatched finish on wood and the company I bought them from had specialised spray paints for wood.

Getting the right product for your project is absolutely essential, I had attempted this before and it had ended in disaster. Not this time though. I had a well made cabinet from good quality materials and I had the right paint for the job. I primed it, sprayed it and then stood back and marveled at my work! OK so it’s not a work of art but i’m really proud of it.


I did the outside black and lacquered the inside for a glossy finish. It’s quite retro but exactly what I wanted.